Friday, September 2, 2011

Whitney Port top knot

I adore this hair style Whitney carries it so well here!  As we are coming into the summer months its important to look clean and polished while keeping your hair off your face and neck.
To achieve this Top Knot you will need:
* day old hair or slightly wavy hair
* bobby pins
* hair elastic
* hair spray
* teasing brush or paddle brush
1. Start by de-tangling your hair with a brush.
2. Give the hair at the crown more volume by teasing (you can skip this part).
3. Next gather your hair in to a high pony tail, Smoothing out all the bumps with a paddle brush.
4. Secure with your hair elastic, on the last twist don't pull the whole pony tail through.
5. You should have a small loop of hair. You can make is messy by spreading the loop of hair apart with your fingers.
6. Tease the rest of the pony tail gently, without disturbing the loop.
7. Wrap the teased pony tail around the base of the loop of hair, secure with as many bobby pins as you need by inserting the pin into the bun till it is invisible.
8. Finish with lots of hair spray!!

You can also rock the top knot with a head band or a decorative hair clip pinned to the base of the bun!
xxx Anam